Mugshot Websites

This is a maintained an frequently updated list of Mugshot Websites. As a result of excessive harassment from mugshot publishers, Norman Hagaa was the first person to compile a list of the mugshot websites, and the racketeers behind the syndicate on Monday, June 3, 2013.

Because a good number of the links are now dead, and new criminal extortionists have created more domains within the niche, an update was in order. The Domains are categorized based upon the alleged owners.

Thomas Keesee & Sahar Sarid

Sahar Sarid Thomas Keesee

Thomas Keesee and Sahar Sarid are the first two to have been arrested in this extortion war. The attorney general of California brought criminal charges against not only Sarid and Keesee, but also Kishore Vidya Bhavnanie and David Usdan on May 16, 2018.