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Created because Mugshot Extortion has impacted millions of innocent Americans, this Wikia aims to educate the public. By exposing this corrupt niche market, the process of prevention and prohibition can begin!

Mugshot Extortion News

Be sure to check out the latest in mugshot news so you can stay up to date!

Mugshot History

This section of our wiki covers the beginnings of Mugshot History, and how it has deviated from its initial intent. You will find much of the historical records on Mugshot publishing dating back to the early 1800s.

Mugshot Website Owners

Here you will find a list of Mugshot Website Owners and a compiled list of the domains they are alleged to own.

Mugshot Websites

Because chances are you're not going to know who these people are until their slander becomes an issue. So to ensure that you get the information and resources you need, we have both Sites and Owners!

Mugshot website activism

Just because a single extortionist can impact over 15 million victims, there currently are only Two movements/ Non-profit organizations to

Legislation and Prohibition

Our initial attempts to maintain Wikipedia failed due to the relentless vandalism